These last years have culminated in major results in fundamental physics, and in particular the discovery of the Higgs boson and the measurement of the fluctuations of the blackbody spectrum temperature of the Cosmic Microwave Background. The first one reinforces the standard model of elementary particle physics and the second one provides a basis to the inflation scenario and the quantum origin of cosmological fluctuations, the seeds required for the formation of cosmological structures, and favours a non-zero cosmological constant or/and the alternatives named Dark Energy.

While describing phenomena at extremely large scale for the one and extremely small scale for the other one, the advances in these fields of physics, spawn us a common path to go deeper and deeper in the understanding of fundamental laws. The next steps to accomplish are the correct extension of the Standard Model of particle physics above the electroweak scale, the identification of the Dark Matter and of the Dark Energy, the quantum description of gravity, as well as the development of new mathematical structures related to these questions.

These issues will be jointly discussed in the plenary parts of the Symposium, while recent developments and ongoing researches will be debated on dedicated conferences, whose aims are more precisely described on their own web pages. The multidisciplinary aspect of the symposium will be kept in an additional conference “Frontiers of Fundamental Physics”, whose main topics will be identified all along the submission procedure.