(last updated: February, 17th 2014)

Registration Fees

The conference fees amount to 350 € (euro) or 150 € for student [+110 € per accompanying person].

The registration fees correspond to your contribution for the symposium organization and entitle you to the welcome party (Monday, July 14th) and the banquet (Wednesday, July 16th).

Please note: Registration DOES NOT include Accommodation/Lodging


Online payment by credit card has to be performed before your arrival at Website for Payment:

  • Select the tab "Symposium FFP14" among those of other conferences.
  • You have to proceed first at a pre-registration and then you will receive a confirmation email message to continue the procedure for the payment.
  • The accompanying persons have to register by using their own email addresses (different than yours) on this website, and then proceed for paying their registration fees.
  • In case of difficulties with the online payment, please contact
    Roland Triay (CPT) – triay[at]