Frequently Asked Questions

(last updated: February, 5th 2014)

Money, Currency

  • 1 € (euro) ~ 1.35 USD (check present rate)
  • better to change in town
  • (international) credit cards are accepted

Weather Forecast

Conference facilities

The following equipment will be available:

  • video projector for computer presentations
  • internet access will be available at the conference site. In particular, we anticipate that a wireless hub will be installed
  • 10 mesh panel for posters, 2 m high by 2.20 m wide, staples are not provided

Attendees by country of origin

Direct flights to Marseille

In order to make substantial savings on the cost of traveling to Marseille, know that this city can be reached by direct flights (without passing through Paris) and several low cost companies serve this destination. We invite you to view information about the web page of airport : Marseille-Provence Airport.

Phone calls with your mobile phone

Although it depends on the agreements with your phone company, calls to local phones cost you a local call, but answering a call has an international rate call.

Where to go

Useful information will be given here about exchange of currencies, restaurant for lunch and dinner…